Automobile Industry and Its Challenges from Oil Prices

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The global automobile industry is going through a phase of change, which is creating a number of opportunities for the IT vendors. For example – led by strong economic growth in countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China, the automobile industry is shifting its focus from the traditionally strong markets such as the Western Europe towards these emerging markets. This trend is seen in both production and sales of automobiles. This trend has led to a demand for operations & manufacturing applications, supply chain management applications, collaboration tools etc.

The industry is also affected by strict environment norms and is investing heavily in research and development (R&D) to make vehicles more fuel efficient or run on alternate fuels like biogas. Even this is an opportunity for IT vendors in the area of information/data management, server hardware, engineering applications etc.

The report is meant for IT vendors and intends to help them identify selling opportunities within the company. Furthermore, the identified sales drivers can be used to penetrate these accounts or increase current share of the customers wallet.

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