Planning a Theme Park Family Reunion

Most everyone has been to a family reunion at a house or park.  It is fun for most people but some will be bored and wish for a more exciting reunion next year.

If you have your family reunion at a theme park, it is a lot of fun and can be part of a vacation for you too.  It might be difficult to have everyone attend but you want to get as many involved as you can so that it is not too stressful for one person.

Most everyone lives near some type of park or amusement type area.  It might be a large park like Disneyland or somewhere smaller like Six Flags or something even smaller.  No matter what or where you go, you want to plan a lot of fun for your family members.

The things is that you need to make sure that everyone gets to the destination on time for the reunion.  Driving for more than twelve hours can be hard on families that have kids and they may be in a bad mood for the party once they get there. 

Keeping the family together for a family reunion is something that you want to keep in mind.  It is easy for family members to loose each other and you do not want anyone to get lost at your big event.

One good solution is to have a meeting at certain times before the reunion.  A good place to meet would be at the entrance or the picnic area every few hours so that you can make sure that everyone is still there and having fun. 

Once you have everyone together you should take a family picture. Having this will give everyone a little keepsake of the important day and also give everyone a good chance to talk and have fun.

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